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Originally Posted by highny View Post
Wow, just by reading, I learn a lot more about airsoft!...

I thought if the bbs are shooting from their own barrels, then wouldn't it be like shooting one bb per barrel? So therefore, if upgrades all types of internal and inner barrel, it would act like a bolt rifle but only shots multiple bbs.

Not quite though I'll agree that at first glance there doesn't seem to be any reason why not. The problem lies in how the inner barrels are run in the outer barrel. The way they're in there is designed to give you a decent spread at a fairly short distance, rather then fire a tight grouping of bbs. So if you upgraded everything on a shotgun, you're still going to have the spread. And the further you're trying to shoot, the wider the spread. At the ranges that bolt actions usually work at, the spread would be so wide as to make hitting a specific target pretty much impossible.
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