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Who makes a V3 complete gearbox?

As the title implies I'm just wondering who makes complete V3 gearboxes.

I guess what I want is something similar to the "SystemA complete Mechabox" maybe one of those SystemA Revolution ones but a V3 version.

From there I'm looking at redwolf right now and it seems that there are some companies that make complete V3 gearboxes but I'm not sure of the quality of them, although I'm looking up reviews as I'm posting right now. For the most part all V3 gearboxes on redwolf are just the shell (or reinforced shell).

I don't really want to source out separate high quality parts and slap them together and pray to god that it works as has been discussed in my other thread so I would prefer something direct from the factory that I can just "set it and forget it".

G2G right now but if there are any other questions that need answered before you guys can suggest me a good complete gearbox they will be answered later.
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