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Originally Posted by moogy View Post
The idea of getting hit at 450 fps is not a problem for me.

The situation is what can be the result in been hit. Some guys have mesh goggles an if they are unlucky enough to be shot in the mesh at less then 20 feet with a bio bb that will explode on contact... well just say I wouldn't want to be that guy.

It's about minimising stupid accidents. Getting clipped in the ass is a matter of pride not pain. I don't think anyone would like to get one in the ear or the mouth, even the nose not mentioning the eyes. It's not about pain... but long term damage that can't be fixed with a couple of days to shake it off.
I've taken some hot ones off the ear and lip that burned for a few minutes. A little cussing while walking off the field to respawn or safe zone is as long as it hurts. I've had one in the lip that bothered me for a few days.

I've never worn a full mask for airsoft and probably won't ever. Even when playing terminator for a full day I didn't bother with it but loosely wrapped a shemaghs around my neck and to cover my mouth. The only other essential piece of protection I'd wear when playing something like terminator or ironman is a cup! there are guys out there that aim low or purpose.

If you're really that worried about head, face and neck protection, wear a pb full face mask, balaclava, shemagh, mouth guard and a helmet. You'll be sweating buckets and likely won't be able to see. lol only other option that I can see is, become a chairsofter and don't play.
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