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Originally Posted by moogy View Post
I like it.

But I don't see much neck protection..

You realize this is a contact sport, right? You're gonna take hits. You'll take finger hits and earlobe hits and neck hits and groin hits, and some will hurt like hell but none are life threatening.

Protecting your eyes is an absolute must. Protecting your teeth is recommended (teeth can be repaired easily but its really expensive). But if you're afraid to take shots to the rest of your body you're perhaps not in the right sport. I don't mean to be an ass, but that's the reality of it: this sport revolves around shooting and being shot with plastic projectiles traveling at 350+ FPS.

Are you going to still feel the hit through a balaclava, shamagh, etc? Yes. Not as bad as a bare skin hit and it'll usually spare you the bleeder, but soft material protection only provides a bit of padding against the BBs (specially a balaclava, at least you can wrap up the shamagh into a thicker bunch): if you get hit squarely by a high velocity shot you could probably still suffer a chipped tooth -- hence, get a damn $5 mouthguard from Walmart (the combatives ones with upper and lower protection). Otherwise, get a paintball mask, or something like the Eye Tactical mask if you want full face/head/neck protection.
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