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Originally Posted by JK-47 View Post
i think i will actually buy and ICS mp5 sd5 it is only 365 and that includes battery and charger. that way i get the SD5 which i like, and the battery and charger. plus the total is still less then 400 dollars so its fine for starting

The ICS models are reportedly difficult to get into and work with, but we have not reviewed any first hand yet so take that with a grain of salt.

We have a G&G MP5 SD5 in right now and are testing it out and will be doing a full review of it shortly.

We do have a full review up for the G5 HERE.

The SD5 takes a large battery, and is much easier to put in the battery than the G5 that's for sure. :P. The external quality on the SD5 and G5 are both really nice. The SD5 has less foregrip play and the foregrip feels more solid, which is a plus. The inner barrel doesn't extend all the way through the silencer though, but that could be replaced...

Like I said, we will have the full review up shortly. But from G&G's other MP5 and the feel of the SD5 so far, I would say it would be a great choice.
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