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Originally Posted by NavyShooter View Post

So it's more of a safety course than a "how to be a sniper" course.


As a genuine question (as I am not aware) what sort of engagement range could be reasonably expected for a skilled marksman with a good quality rifle in an airsoft game?

I shoot out to 900 meters with my "real steel" precision rifle, so I get a feeling it's going to be something much shorter than that...

The courses are full blown 'airsoft sniper' everything: stalking, ghillie fabrication and use, useful distance estimation tips, sometimes advanced ballistics info, etc. But the certification itself points out the person can judge safe distances based upon the power of thier gun, is more a trust of understanding really, if someone takes the time and puts in the effort to attend (or understands it to the point of proving use and teaching others), then it's understood they can be trusted to use a higher power airsoft rifle above the basic '450fps w/.20g BBs' thing. I'm still baffled by the tag I've seen "CQB BA Certified", all it means to me is the proven ability to use a sniper rifle in close up built up areas, such as I do at times.

And distances to be able to use an upgraded sniper rifle, ranges from 300ft inwards. Past 120-140ft, Mother Nature takes over and decides if you get the hit or not, regardless of the velocity of the rifle. Of course, I've gotten 120ft kills with my KSC Glock 19 using 0.43g BBs, so an upgraded sniper rifle isn't the only thing that can get longer than normal ranged shots. I think the best shots 'vev been able to take for distance have been out to 250ft away, annd at one point I was tweaking my freshly downgraded rifle (was shooting about 340fps, downgraded it for a CQB type game in a built up area), I was floating 0.30g BBs out to about 300ft, but mind you they were about 20ft groups once they got there.

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