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Magazine and Battery Type For G&G

Hey Everyone,

I plan on getting into the Airsoft scene and was looking for a good quality gun and from my research I have learned that G&G is a very good product. I was looking at the G&G M4 Carbine Rec I was wondering if this would be a good beginner gun I am also looking to find out what type of battery it takes and could it fit some of the bigger 3000Mah types?

I was looking at and I was looking for spare mags and happen across the "Dboys M16 Hi Cap Magazine" for 20$ They do not list any magazine as "M4" would these magazine work or would I need a diffrent type.


Above will link to the Magazine Page of 007Airsoft. If I picked the wrong magazine please let me know which one will work. Or post a link to a website that has what I'm looking for if you would be so kind.

I look forward to getting into the sport!
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