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I dont want to start anything. Im just saying in general is all. How old are you then?
You sure you don't want to start anything, because to be honest with you, I am getting pretty pissed off, to put it in nicer a matter of fact, I'm 15, and wtf is you're problem?, I said 1,000,000,000 times (obvious not 1,000,000,000 times) I am a noob at this...I have seen wall-mart guns with hop-ups, scopes, etc, and when I went, they only had 2 crappy guns, one for about $70-$80, and the one I got, and to be honest the $70-$80 one seemed exactly the same as mine, so I thought that I would ask, so thanks, but I would appreciate it if you would leave me alone (to put in VERY VERY nicer words, because I have found that swearing at people on boards, can get you into a tad bit of trouble). is offline