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Depends what type you want. Tokyo Marui Hi-Capas are amoung the most reliable available. TM makes a good 1911 as well. IIRC, KSC makes some of the best Glocks. Not sure about USP's. KJW is hit or miss.. I know some people that have them and have had no issues, I know others who have had nothing but problems with them.
Thank you...And sorry if you thought I was being a prick earlier, it was not intended, but thanks, this list of guns will help me a lot...
I have 1 question too though...well maybe 2...What about a P90...any kind...they are not too big, and I like the looks of them...Like I said earlier, I am a noob, and I don't know a lot of companies, but I heard that the new P90's are good...They suit my needs...:Small(er), Shoots a lot fast, but I heard can still be controlled, and are reliable, and best of all, NOT A WALL-MART GUN!!! YAY!!! is offline