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Originally Posted by kalnaren View Post
I'm also only going to say this once:

1) Lose the smartass attitude if you want any answers around here.

2) Be aware that this is an airsoft forum, catering to airsoft players, who use realistic imitation firearms to partake in the game of airsoft. We don't know a lot -or care much for- cheap clearsoft pieces of crap, because they're completely usless for our purposes. Even collectors who don't play -they don't want the clearsoft stuff because it looks like ass and functions nothing like the real ones do, whereas proper airsoft pistols do. Same thing goes for accessories. We don't know much about any accessories that fit on clearsoft crap, because it's cheap and useless. Not to say some around here don't know anything about it.. just don't count on it.
I don't have a smart ass attitude, if you were here right now, and I told it to you're face it would sound a lot different, and fine, I don't really care if this is for "pros" because I am just starting, this is for fun, I'm not looking to go into competitions, I am doing it for my own hobbie, and I can do with my hobbie, whatever I please...I came to this site, to see people that know a lot about it, not to get pricks to give me bad comments on a gun that I JUST BOUGHT BECAUSE I AM NOT GOING TO BUY A $300 GUN WHEN I JUST STARTED OUT!...Like I said, my hobbie, I can do with it as I please, I'm not looking for pricks to judge it, and that being said, I said "1), 2), 3), etc" because I actually use that for making points, not to be a prick, and you don't like my attitude, which I never had one, but clearly not I do, then just don't comment on my threads, and don't look at them, its that simple, and I don't care if my gun looks like crap, or doesn't function real...A popular gun called the "Glock" doesn't function like a real functions like mine, just looks better, and to be honest, I don't really care... is offline