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I'm going to say this once....

1) Look at my comment about the eye thing with another guy, about I'm NOT TALKING ABOUT A REAL GAME, JUST PERSONAL USE...

2) I'm sorry, but I am not going to buy a $300 gun, when this is my first real time having one in my hands for a long period of time...why would I get a $300 one, rather than getting one that I can use for a bit as a "beater-up gun" until I get better.

3)I found lasers for $10.00 Canadian...Go Figure.
I'm also only going to say this once:

1) Lose the smartass attitude if you want any answers around here.

2) Be aware that this is an airsoft forum, catering to airsoft players, who use realistic imitation firearms to partake in the game of airsoft. We don't know a lot -or care much for- cheap clearsoft pieces of crap, because they're completely usless for our purposes. Even collectors who don't play -they don't want the clearsoft stuff because it looks like ass and functions nothing like the real ones do, whereas proper airsoft pistols do. Same thing goes for accessories. We don't know much about any accessories that fit on clearsoft crap, because it's cheap and useless. Not to say some around here don't know anything about it.. just don't count on it.

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