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Originally Posted by Donster View Post
why would it be like cheating?

secondly, it would probably be best if you just saved up for a real airsoft gun that can actually perform.

also, please fill out your profile such as age, location etc.
Oh yeah, sorry, I said in a reply to another comment, "why would I get a $300 gun, when I am just starting out...I would prefer a "beater-up gun" that I can use for a bit, until I can be good at airsoft/aiming, etc". (That was something like what I said to another guy). Also, I'm not an expert, I am a noob, but for me, this gun performs just fine, and where I live, there is not really a place to buy one, and on the net, I will be looking at about, anywhere from $300-$400 (thats even on CANADIAN sites), and I play guitar as my main hobbie...I could put a down-payment on a guitar...hell, I could buy a guitar with that money. is offline