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Originally Posted by kalnaren View Post
1) Lasers aren't allowed because they cause occular damage.

2) A good pistol is about $300. And any decent accessory is going to cost you more than what you paid for that gun. Hell.. even the frame mount to mount a scope on it is going to cost you more than that gun.
I'm going to say this once....

1) Look at my comment about the eye thing with another guy, about I'm NOT TALKING ABOUT A REAL GAME, JUST PERSONAL USE...

2) I'm sorry, but I am not going to buy a $300 gun, when this is my first real time having one in my hands for a long period of time...why would I get a $300 one, rather than getting one that I can use for a bit as a "beater-up gun" until I get better.

3)I found lasers for $10.00 Canadian...Go Figure. is offline