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Laser For Pistol...Possible Scope?

Hi. So, to start of, I don't know what AEG of GBB means (I know, should be asking the the "Newbie Tank", is what I think its called), and I am not really here to ask, I will ask in the "Newbie Tank", this is just a heads up if I don't use proper airsoft grammar, so, sorry if I don't.

So, I have had a hard time finding laser pointers for my gun (Colt Double Eagle Series 90), and I want to know where I can get one.

This is my gun...

Will any laster pointer fit this, because the ones I have found on the "net" are I think for fitting onto PPK type of guns (at least that is what I have seem them on). So, I know, possible stupid question.

Also, wouldn't that be neat if there was scopes for pistols...or is there...?
Lol, I know, you are probably thinking (that is a really dumb question), but I have seen clip-on ones that go on really cheap battery-powered guns, and they are non-working, just for show, but I was wondering if there were real ones on the internet...

So, sorry if any of these questions sound stupid, I am a total noob, and also, sorry if I am posting in the wrong area, (if I did, I greatly apologize).

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