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Hello all.

I am obviously new here, but yesterday (August 23rd), I got my first airsoft gun. It's a "Colt Double Eagle Series 90", I believe. Comes with the target, 2 cliips, obviously from Wal-Mart. Even though I'm new to airsoft, and not an expert, well, hardly know anything about them, it feels and seems "solid". It was around $40 with tax. Nice gun, its just clear, but anyway, I play guitar, and I was in the ultimate-guitar forum, and they were just ass*****, for no apparent reason, but being in a whole to realm of "art" or hobbies, I hope that this site will be of any assistance if I need it, and also just to talk about the guns (obviously which is what the site is about...), without people complete a-holes, but I've read other posts...people seem pretty nice, so like I said, I play guitar (played for 4 years, 6 guitars, 4 amps,), and I am into it more than airsoft (no offence), but I love airsoft after only 1 day (wasted the ammo in about 20 minutes). So, lets end this extremely long "hello". is offline   Reply With Quote