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Well im using 0.20 and 025 BBBastards (not togehter of course). When ever I fire a gun and no bb's shoot out, i turn the gun over to look inside the mag well and i can see a bb just sitting inside the hopup. Sometimse i need to use the rod (the one that came with the gun) to fish out the bb..... Sometimse the gun doesnt fire on the first shoot, but fires on the second shot.

The only thing i messed around with is the hop up.. i didnt even dare to go near/inside my mechbox. The thing is, i didnt have any misfed problems when the gun all came in stock. It was after i took out the hop up and changed the bucking and barrel that these problems occurred. Do you think i should take out the hop up again and snuggle it more against the air nozzle? Would that fix the problem?
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