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Originally Posted by mcguyver View Post
Funny, when I put on gear, I don't emulate or replicate any soldier in any army from any country in the world. I seek no impression at all. I wear gear that works, is durable, can carry the minimum equipment and supplies need to keep me self-sufficient.

This means that I'm not running back to my vehicle for batteries, BBs, food, water, mags, tools, radio, whatever. I'm not a burden to my team members because I'm unable to fight, or sustain myself, or cover my own PPE needs.

This means that I'm effective at my role, or even more importantly, that someone doesn't have to lose out on the game by babysitting my ass out there.

Now, will a guy in street clothes be able to carry water, BBs, batteries, mags, food, tools, proper PPE and still be concealable enough to not give himself away or his team? And by giving himself away unnecessarily, does this mean he becomes a casuality and reduces his effectiveness, or requires a teammate to tend to him (like in a medic role)?

If all you play is indoor or outdoor scrims at a speedball field, these are non-issues really. But is that airsoft? No, it is 6mm paintball.

This goes to the heart of the "airsoft tourism" that brought about this thread in the first place. It is nobody's job to "mentor" anyone. You show up to a field, ready to go and be responsible for yourself, or find a different hobby. It's really that simple.

So basically what you are saying is that if they don't show up to your specifications they ruin your experiance. I can understand that, its basically the same thing as not wanting someone to be in a theatre and have someone talk through the whole film. But saying that showing up with a clear gun and jeans is not airsoft is absurd. Thats like saying if everyone doesn't get a large popcorn and Pepsi when they go to the movies like me, then they arn't really watching a movie. Look I understand that organizers want to create a certain look or feel for their game, and thats fine. But saying that if someone doesn't live up to your ideas of what airsoft is are not playing right is just wrong.
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