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1) I don't know exactly but I had a similar problem. It only does this sometimes for magazines but not all the time. I believe it may have to do with the spring being half compressed or something and the barrel being blocked, therefore the BB can't feed. However assuming that there is nothing blocking the mag from feeding into the barrel then that's weird. (EDIT: I was wrong. Reason why it does that is because when I reload sometimes my mag isn't empty, therefore there is a BB chambered already)

2) Possibly some sort of double/mis feed going on. OR using a low quality BB. I had my gun do the same thing with low quality BB's.

3) Yes 2 or 3 BB's should roll out and the final 2-3 BB's of your mag shouldn't feed, although I think 2 of my mags actually feed to the last BB (I don't know what the deal with that is though).
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