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No there is actually no screw... but all i did was i got a small dowel, wrapped it around with sandpaper and i slightly sanded the tip of the outer barrel and it my inner barrel was able to fit in.

Okay, so i tried to fire my gun and here are some of the things Ive noticed:

1. Sometimes when I load a loaded magazine, I realize that my first shot doesnt shoot out a bb. It is only until the second time i pull the trigger that a bb comes out. Why is this?

2. When firing sometimes, a bb rolls right out of the barrel? How come?

3. This is prob normal for all guns, but when every my magazine is out and i remove it from the mag well, a few bbs dribble out. I just wanted to confirm this was normal since this happened to me when my gun was at stock.

Thanks again for all your help guys!!
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