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Originally Posted by NavyShooter View Post

I've seen a couple of folks around with taglines that read along the lines of:

"BA Sniper Certified"

"CQB Certified"


Can I ask what that means? I figure Bolt Action, and Close Quarter Battle, but what sort of certification is this, what are the standards, and who manages the certification?

In the province of Ontario, Sha Do spearheads and runs what is known as the "Sniper Clinic". This Clinic is designed to promote safety and help mentor/instruct players that wish to run at a higher fps (field/host dependent of course). This is traditionally completed with a bolt action airsoft rifle. Although other rifles can be used.

There are different levels of this certification, and depending where you are from.. there should typically be a clinic running in your province.

To quote Sha Do on the standard field limits with Certification:

"The standard field limit for BAs is 450 FPS with 0.20s.
A level 2 certified BA operator is allowed 500 FPS max with 0.20s. *
A level 3 certified BA operator is allowed 550 FPS max with 0.20s. *"

From my understanding, this was the last Sniper Clinic hosted in Ontario:
More information will be found there. fied

Any other "certification" doesn't really mean anything, except for a CQB Laser cert, that means you can pew pew pew, till you're blue in the face at about... 5 feet.

Hope that helps!

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