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I assume you mean in regards to airsoft. In those terms, the main difference is that most shotguns fire multiple bbs, usually three but sometimes five, from multiple barrels. Bolt action rifles only fire one bb. As well, just as in real steel, shotguns are meant for close range and bolt action rifles are meant for long. Thus, more attention is paid to accuracy and power in a bolt action then in a shotgun. The other major difference in airsoft terms is the price tag. A really good shotgun would only run you about $600 tops, you can usually get pretty good ones for as low as $350. The minimum for a decent bolt action would be $600, a good one would be about $1000 and a really good one would be $1200-1500 or more.

It really wouldn't be possible to match a bolt action with a shotgun, no matter how much you upgraded it. They're just not designed that way.

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