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ABs Plastic Slides on Propane

Tokyo Marui ABS plastic slides for Hicapa

That is one of the biggest questions I have been asked about the Tokyo Marui 5.1 and 4.3

Yes you can use propane on Tokyo Marui Hicapas It may not be a metal slide but it is still strong

Tokyo Marui 4.3 - Will it break? Read below

No, it won't break that easily

I know a buddy of mine Ancorp - Been gaming a old looking TM 4.3 that definitely looks over a year old with a lot of good usage and its still kicking.

I have heard the 4.3 ABS plastic slide is tougher than the 5.1 but actually when I compared the spring guides the 4.3 has a rubber buffer on it, which helps cushion the slide impacts so that its not being mashed so hard.

Tokyo Marui 5.1 - Will it break? Read below

No, it won't break that easily

I have yet to break my TM 5.1 ABS plastic slide and I game my pistol quite a lot almost every week. I have hear some 5.1 slides eventually crack near the rear sight.


Even if the slide is metal it can also eventually break too, having metal slides does not mean invincibility to propane use

But there may be some new One piece Steel outer barrels coming out where no matter what slide it is it will prolong the life of the slide much much longer than normal. ILLusion knows more
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