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I agree with Mcguyver,

you gotta atleast have a tac vest. you gotta be combat effective. NO ONE wants to see some guy stuff a mag in his jeans pocket, and hide a speedloader in his sock. And whats so hard about putting a brown,od or black plain t shirt, they sell them at old navy, khaki's or black jeans should work too, and hiking boots too. I still use that deal, you dont want to game in your bright coloured bedazzled normal clothing its common sense.

I started Airsoft when I was fourteen and unemployed, Spent all my money getting my first primary and 3 mags, but tac vests/webbing only cost like $80 max, I got one right away, one mag puch held a water bottle till I scrounged up $40 for a camel pack.

look if your dropping the cash to get the "clear" guns their $100 to $500 at bass pro theres vests you can buy that are $40 literally 8 feet from the Krakens.

Anyone thinking that you have to drop the moolah on the elite packages is wrong. but there has got to be a standard in combat effectiveness. wood coloured or black clothing, safety glasses (obviously) and a rig or belt, hell get two mag dumps, one for full one for empty, and a single m16 mag pouch for a watter bottle.

its a different game, you cant just walk in with a single hi-cap and expect it to last, anyone with this mindset will obviosly get slapped awake at their first game and the morons will loose their authority with failure, I wouldnt listen to one, I look forward to the day when Mcguyver barks orders to me when I get a chance to play in his area lol!
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Wow, best derailed thread, ever.
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Don't take weapons training from a book. It ranks right up there with people who think they know guns from watching a Chris Costa video.

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