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The way I've seen it, thre are 2 kinds of 'softers: Milsimmer and Scrimmer. The milsimmers don't play well with others because of committment to the style of play, the scrimmer doesn't care. Personally, i don't have an interest in scrimming, no real value, don't really learn a thing. Scrimmers se it as "training", while I don't see how, you don't reinforce a skill set, you just go and shoot. While fun for some, not my bag. If all you want to do is run around in the woods shooting, take up woods ball, it's the same effing thing. The rest of us value the personal training and discipline required to think and act as a team in a replication of a real environment. to me, this is the sport's attraction.
Too bad that woodsball crept into airsoft.
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