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Originally Posted by c3sk View Post
The CBSA are charged with protecting our borders from items which the Canadian government and CBSA officers themselves, feel are prohibited. The CBSA will do whatever they feel is necessary to ensure "replica firearms" do not enter the country.

Even if you attempt to dispute the velocity.. The item is still a replica firearm and will be reviewed as such.
Actually, the CBSA has very strict guidelines for determining what a replica is and what is not. They are very precise guidelines, and not open to alot of interpretation wiggle room.

Barrel length means nothing.
Mag capacity means nothing.
Select fire means nothing.

Check it out for yourself, it's posted on the CBSA website. Uncontrolled firearms are not to be subdivided into traditional controlled firearms classes of non-restricted, restricted or prohibited classifications. Velocity and energy are the only determining factors seperating controlled from uncontrolled firearms and replicas.

Brian is bang on.
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