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Originally Posted by Styrak View Post
And what kind of BB's will they use? If they use .4's or something, it won't be above 407. And if they use light BB's, it might be above 500!
If it is capable of firing a projectile over 407 fps ( regardless of mass, but to my understanding they use standard .20 bbs to test with)
Then its not a replica.. it can still shoot over 500 as long as it dose not ALSO shoot over 5.7 joules of energy.. because then it is a regulated firearm

Select fire or model means nothing if it turn out to not be a replica and turns out to be an unregulated firearm.

I'm not talking out my butt here.. I know of cases directly in which seized items were released after testing by the RCMP proved they were not replicas.

so we can toss all the speculation.. and what ifs

Because it is fact.
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