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Originally Posted by Amos View Post
... This is the one case that thenooblord is 100% completely accurate.

Element receivers are complete shit and should be avoided at all costs. I had one that broke because I racked my bolt after adjusting the hop-up.

As for AK's, the G&G AK is really good for the price. I'd avoid anything Dboys or Cyma...

If you can spring for the Realsword, sure they have slight mag-feeding issues... but there's ways around that (change the hop-rubber for something softer, buy real-sword brand mags, or buy MAG brand black 74 mags)

I've worked on a Realsword Type 56 and a Type 97B... They are both BEAUTIFULLY made guns.

The Realsword 56 is SUPER heavy though lol

Realsword 56's are extremely well built, I've got a friend that HEAVILY and AGGRESSIVELY games ones every week and that thing has taken some serious punishment.
This is correct to an extent, if you modify the bolt in anyway or replace it with an ICS bolt you are doomed to breaking it, if you have normal tm style battery tray in there then you should be safe, one way to test is to just listed to the sound it makes, if it sounds like metal on metal and it's really loud, you can always snip a few coils off the faux bolt spring, not too many as you willl end up with a sluggish bolt.

also, it has been my experience with element metal bodies (I've owned 10+) that they are just fine and alot more accessible to people looking to spruce up their guns, I have seen the majority of the ones I've owned fail due to modified bolts, the ones without modification have worked just fine.
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