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Originally Posted by Mudder View Post
OK Kull,

The crux of these judgments going against the appellant lies in the "replica" portion of the tariff code it seems.
Now I've found a local source of all black cheap springers locally in-country, not the models I'm interested in but for LARP/cosplay they'll do. Though there is one shotty that may be passable for field play as it resembles a clearsoft item sold by one of the retailers you love to hate.

Now before you jump all over me, please download the .pdf of Beretta's RX4 and CX4 user manuals because this that I would like to add as a wallhanger resembles neither the CX4 or RX4.
Take a look at the upper right corner of the box.....that's the same brand logo of an MP7[my least favourite collectible] that I obtained locally.

I just want opinions on the odds, I'm not going to try, at least until AFTER I get my NEXUS or passport, not put-downs or admonitions, just opinions.

Or stick to what's already in-country.....including a desert eagle model I saw.
Im simply telling what the facts are and the legal aspect AFAIK using case studies on previous appeals. Can CBSA catch ever prohibitive stuff? NO, infact 90% of all handgun used in crime came from U.S. to Canada illegally. What does this tell you? It can explain how some store actually got replicas into Canada without getting caught.
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