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Originally Posted by Rock 'N' Roll Outlaw View Post
Once you get AV'ed you will have a plethora of options in terms of AK's in the classifieds. Just start saving NOW. Every penny you get, keep it. Don't spend it on anything. Even food. Especially food.

TM is always the best bet, CA's are supposed to be great as well, normally I'd stay away from DBalls but Ive heard great things about their AK line.

I just did a ground up build and used an old junker clone as a parts gun for all those little annoying bits and slowly replace them. If you've got your Kraken running the way you like now with a decent shim job it wouldn't surprise me if it lasted a long time, Go ahead and base something around that if you want. You can eventually replace everysingle part of it like I did! (I started with a plastic mechbox Tippmann lol)

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I've said it a total of 2 times, so out of 762 posts, I've got a little while to go before i reach *every post*
and my receiver, as well as EVERY other element receiver I have seen in person, had broken in the same spot, not even almost every or alot or them, EVERY single one was broken in front of the charging handle
First it's an AK so it's a bolt not a charging handle
Second I don't even see how that can break, The battery tray/bolt assembly get hit by the bolt not the reciever unless you modified yours, Even then it's a very thick chunk of metal and to crack it seems difficult unless you smack it around before it's installed because after it is there is nowhere for it to even move. Again I'm not saying it couldn't happen I just really don't see how, Unless me and the local gang got the only good element ones ever made.
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Simultaneous climax makes me warm and fuzzy all over

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