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Originally Posted by Kit View Post
you cant order any airsoft gun that's not in Canada customs will take it and confiscate it.
Yes you can, its complicated thats why, but its possible. Both BFL as well as clear reciever currently has proven you could import it. But for a new player yes don't order outside of Canada.

Originally Posted by Danke View Post

Note: if you read all the arguements for CBSA is that the velocity of the projectile of pistol/ rifle is below 124meters per seconds and thus considered as a replica as opposed to firearms. One new one I found (yes I read about 17 cases of them when I first started) was the arguement where between 250-350fps is sufficient to be deadly since it could cause blindness (contradicts the RCMP's finding of the deadly velocity)
In simply put based on the appeals technically you could win IF the following were followed:
*Velocity of the airsoft gun is: 130m/s (.2g) or 124m/s (.22g aka the RCMP finding)
*It is not considered as a variant of the prohibition or restricted orders (M4/M16, AK, SPAS, AUG, M3, G3, MP5 all the goodies made between 1947-1980s)
*It is SEMI AUTOMATIC (why? because one could argue that since its a firearm, a fully automatic capability is considered part of the prohibition order)
*The barrel length (Im guess outer barrel) and the overall length (after stuff retracted/ fold eg, stock) is followed.

So in simply put what can really stand a chance? Probably Airsoft Sniper Rifle (oxymoron I know)

Would I go through the hassles? No why? because Im not angry at the CBSA, I'm angry at the Order in Council (the ones made airsoft prohibited in the first place) as well as Liberal party who created the order in Council. Second, the lawyer fees would be pointless. True if you're a retailer and want to get stuff in perhaps you might want to do it, but I would watch the court scene with popcorns.
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