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Most reliable AK-47?

Hello gun nuts. Before I start, I'm not 100% on the rules about talking with airsoft guns with minors, but this is just a thread asking for general information. Feel free to lock/delete the thread if needed. I will be 18 in November so there is no need to tell me to get Age Verified. I will when I can.

Right now, I own a Kraken with a few upgrades/downgrades and I really feel like I am being cheated of a proper airsoft AK in terms of build quality. So I have been internet shopping around and it looks like what I am looking for is a G&G RK-47 (which I will purchase from Ken at 007 Airsoft).

Does anyone have any information/opinions that could assist me in making a proper purchase? I plan on keeping the Kraken even after I get the G&G just for lending purposes.

Thanks ahead of time.

Edit: Oh and the reason for which I feel cheated of a proper AK is numerous creaks in the plastic lower receiver and piece of plastic broke off just above the pistol when I was last reassembling the rifle.

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