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Enough of this crap.

Its understandable that alot of entry levels airsofters initially do not have the funds to invest full tilt into something right off the bat. Usually everyone is fairly understandable too, like really you just started a hobby and dont want to go balls deep without even knowing if you like it or not.

However a certain level of commitment is required in my opinion, if you cant be bothered to take that extra step and set yourself up with something that goes along with the hobby than maybe you shouldn't be attempting to commit yourself to that hobby.
If you find a paintball pod belt suitable to your needs than fine, so be it. Purchase it and use it happily

The airsofting community is a tight knit community and while everyone is fairly mature and respectable, everyone is also judging your actions, and while are totally relaxed and may not care what you wear, others would be disappointed to see such a low level of commitment. They would never openly mock you, but it certainly would take a little longer before anyone took you seriously.

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