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Originally Posted by sarosh View Post
i agree with malice. i turned 18 in may and i started playing airsoft this summer. i really want full army w/e but shit im 18 and dont have a full time job and cant afford all the gear a real soldier has. it would be awesome to play in full gear but if you cant then play with what you have.
There's a big difference between not being able to afford decent equipment but saving up for it, and being able to but wanting to cheap out anyway. It's like buying a G&G Halfbreed when you can afford a Classic Army, but won't because you can't be bothered to get AV'd. Don't expect any respect from those who actually do go through the effort, and don't be pissed when those of us that do don't want to run around with a bunch of people who won't (remember, I said won't.. not can't). That's what our point is.

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