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Don't cheap out on a vest. Trust me. You will NEVER regret spending the $150-$200 on a proper vest. You WILL regret cheaping out on one. Guaranteed. A proper vest IMO is more essential to enjoying a game than the gun. An awesome gun won't do you shit if you're uncomfortable as hell and can't carry anything.

Originally Posted by Malice Army View Post
I'm not under age, just because I don't agree with your blablabla crycrycry wambulance...

It's your right not to agree with the opinion and practises of 90% of the airsoft community in Canada.

Just like it's the right of 90% of the airsoft community in Canada to express our opinion.

You don't like it? Fine. Don't play at our games. We won't play at yours. But don't go calling us fucking nazis when we try to actually maintain a level of standards in airsoft.

This isn't fucking paintball.

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