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The problem here is our Laws, that is what caused all these thing to go wrong. Put the blame on Canadians in general for voting for liebrals and NDP politicians. They have waged war against the gun community for decades, and created the ant-gun socialist paradise which we refer to as our nightmare. That's why prices were so high for low quality products which we refer to as top quality in the airsoft field are actually junk for the amount of money spent on them.

The solutions are already out their, if you want good games. then set up more private games with good rules, also leaning more to what Brian is doing is a good start, that will weed out all the crap players. Milsim is the way, i would prefer more older and ex mil/le members as well only games.

I could care less about new players coming in droves, but would prefer only top choices to come join the community only.
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