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Originally Posted by nidan View Post
Seems I have a few things going against me here.
I'm 40 plus, a noob, who uses a clearsoft Kraken, who has wasted money upgrading it.
Guess what, I have FUN!! I keep up just fine, in fact I do a darn good job or so my compatriots say ruefully rubbing their BB'd hides.
We all start off as not fully informed noobs, even the best of us who tell us who they are.
My clearsoft Kraken shooting 370 fps out of the box, (chronied at claybank) has been painted, new spring and bushings and now outshoots a lot of the high-end stuff that is aimed at me, or where I was. I consider it money well spent.
I like the way Mikhail puts economic reality more than a mental issue.
If my goal is to have fun, and I have fun with what I can afford to use, is that wrong? I don't slow down the game and my Kraken has been the most reliable weapon on the field so far. It has taken me through the Claybank, Sk game without a hiccup. Has great range, accuracy, durability and reliability.

Despite my middle age crisis, I am enjoying Airsoft immensely. A great group of people with Honor. So few endeavours can say that these days.
you are not the problem.. you are the solution, mature players with their heads screwed on right
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