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Originally Posted by RoyalEagles View Post
Yeah most of the game hosts I asked said it ws 16+ so I am gonna buy my gear now and wait till the summer to get my gun. Its because what am I gonna do with like 6 empty pouches?Put kleenex in them :P
Oh and if our guns(S&W M3000) is painted black can we still use them or they have to be smoked black.
if you aren't using it now, ynot save your money and get some proper midcap mags instead of this gay pod belt, that just sounds homo "pod belt"

as The Saint said, if the local game host is kind enough to let you play, at least show up appropriately dressed and equipped, when someone cuts you some slack, you must do much more than the other guys as you are allowed the privelege of participating at 16+,

as a game host reading this I'd reconsider letting you play as I wouldnt want no kid showing up with no gay ass pod belt to play at my games, I'd expect them to be as well equipped or better and at least 5 times as mature as the 18+ guys.
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