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Originally Posted by AznFireboi View Post
If the S&W shotgun you bought is from walmart, forget about using it at all. It isnt of any quality at all. And most, if not all people here plays with fully black guns, painted or stock.
That is not true.. Walmart shotties are fine.. not great range .. but they shoot 3 bbs at a time and shoot reasonable FPS. They have all the limitations of a Real Shotgun.. shorter range.. but greater hit probability due to 3 bbs.
I know quite a few guys who have one kept handy "for close encounters"

Paint it up and go. You won't be able to go toe to toe with a quality AEG .. but then a Shotgun can't go toe to toe with a rifle.. you have to play to the weakness and strengths of your chosen weapon. Gun don't make the shooter

On the PB BOD belt..
well gear don't make the shooter either.. but I would not show up geared for PB .. unless I intended to play PB
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