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Will it work? Yes.

Will it work well? No.

Will people laugh? A lot.

There is a certain minimum expectation in terms of investment and appearance associated with playing airsoft. It seems like you're going to have to buy either a pod belt or a tac vest, so why not invest in the gear appropriate to the activity you'll be participating in?

Not to mention that you're underaged. If your local community permits you to participate, the least you can do is to not show up wearing paintball gear.
Yeah most of the game hosts I asked said it ws 16+ so I am gonna buy my gear now and wait till the summer to get my gun. Its because what am I gonna do with like 6 empty pouches?Put kleenex in them :P
Oh and if our guns(S&W M3000) is painted black can we still use them or they have to be smoked black.
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