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Originally Posted by Gunk View Post
How about setting up a "database" of AV'd airsofters in advance, so that when this does reach the mods, you can send them a list (be it short, or long... bow chicka wow wow) of ASC members who have met with responsible individuals.

Essentially, AV your own, and when ASC is ready to take a step towards recognising the Maritimes a little more, you guys are already organised, have met each other, have selected mature, responsible adults to take the lead on this.

As much as people use ASC as a nation wide comms tool, what power does ASC have outside of ASC? It's not like you're petitioning a government here, they don't really have a ton of resources, or time I'm sure, to sit down and organise Atlantic Canadian Airsoft.

The way I see it, responsible members have stepped up and offered to lend a hand, un AV'd members: talk to the volunteers and pave the way. When they are chosen to be 'official ASC Age Verifiers' they can officially AV you, until then, be paitient.

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