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How about setting up a "database" of AV'd airsofters in advance, so that when this does reach the mods, you can send them a list (be it short, or long... bow chicka wow wow) of ASC members who have met with responsible individuals.

Essentially, AV your own, and when ASC is ready to take a step towards recognising the Maritimes a little more, you guys are already organised, have met each other, have selected mature, responsible adults to take the lead on this.

As much as people use ASC as a nation wide comms tool, what power does ASC have outside of ASC? It's not like you're petitioning a government here, they don't really have a ton of resources, or time I'm sure, to sit down and organise Atlantic Canadian Airsoft.

The way I see it, responsible members have stepped up and offered to lend a hand, un AV'd members: talk to the volunteers and pave the way. When they are chosen to be 'official ASC Age Verifiers' they can officially AV you, until then, be paitient.

Or move to Ontario
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