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Originally Posted by m102404 View Post
I picked my ASC name not knowing that I should have picked something cooler/l33t.
How is something more 1337 good for a field name? My name is "1337" and it's pretty hard to say on the field while getting shot at.

My name is pronounced "latency", a name I use for video games and such. I was actually trying to be "1337" like fatal1ty at the time (hey, I was like 15 when I joined ASC alright...).

EDIT: Yeah, most people do call me by my real name on the field however I have thought up of a good callsign just in case we need to "get into the role" for some milsim game. It's "Chicken" if anyone wants to know, and for all those Chinese guys out there, yeah that's a reference to the 1996 HK movie ("Brother Chicken" or "Chicken Chiu" are also acceptable).
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