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Airsofting in Vancouver/Lower Mainland of BC

Hello all. Just joined today, and I am turning 18 tomorrow so I can start playing Airsoft! And vote, but the Airsoft part tickles my fancy more.

Enough introductions though. There are a few questions I have that I hope you guys can help me out with.

Number 1. Is there any Airsoft fields/Paintball fields that host airsoft games occasionally in the lower mainland? I have looked around on the forums and googled it, but the only place I have found is Op-For who play at Panther Paintball on Saturdays. I was wondering if there was any others within a reasonable drive of the Tri-Cities area(or Vancouver if you aren't aware of where that is)

Number 2. Is there any store in TLM that sells .2 BBs? I have seen them online, but I was wondering if there was any brick and mortar establishments I could purchase them from.

Number 3. If question 2 happens to be "No" can you guys point out a few good online sites to buy decent quality ones with some decent prices. I am not exactly looking for bottom of the barrel ones, but I am not looking for pro grade either. I have seen some online stores that sell them, but I am not very savvy on which brands have better quality, and what a good price would be

Thanks in advance!
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