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Originally Posted by D_WINTERS14 View Post
I would know because i'm going for my firearms license and YES anything under PROHIBITED NEEDS A LICENSE. That's why they are PROHIBITED (Which by the way is the hardest license to get). To sell that's a whole other story, just like with the regular guns, if they were prohibited we would not be allowed to have them, but they are not, correct? You guys go ahead and break the law because that's what you're doing.
Take my advice and quit while you are ahead ( if you can call it ahead). Do your homework kid and listen and learn. Many people on this forum, myself included, know much more about the legalities of prohibited firearms and devices and firearms in general than you ever will. (see avatar)

As far as your attitude thus far has been, you are not making yourself very welcome on asc, and i doubt you will be welcome at an airsoft game even when you do turn 18. As a field owner, i think i can say that you would not be welcome at any game i hosted.

To be frank with you, smarten up or don't post.

To the mods, i apologize for flaming but im sure you and everyone else agrees with me.
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