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Little advice...

Don't import metal/replica receivers
or frames unless you've got money
to burn.

And if you must test your luck, don't
order from the well known Asian shops.
Customs is aware of them so your
odds are piss poor at best that your
parcel won't be opened.

Thirdly, never ship with the third party
guys like UPS/FedEx. Always use the
local service for that country ie: HK post,
USPS etc. Because UPS/FedEx, etc will
rape you hard/without lube, and not let
you have anything from the parcel. If you
would've used HK post than Canada Post
would have processed your parcel and
you'd be in the position I described in
my earlier post, you'd have options.

With the money you spent on FedEx
shipping, you could have sent yourself
2 separate parcels by HK airmail.

PS: Smuggling is like Poker, there are
basics you must learn, disguise techniques
for increasing your odds, but in the end
you're just giving yourself a better chance
to get lucky.
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