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By saying that you have legally owned real firearms, have some special license for them (your right I have no idea what 12(3) cut-off for firearms ownership means) and this is what make you responsible enough to becom an age verifier. in my opinion thats like me saying that just because i have had a drivers license since 1995 then because ive never had a DUI then I am responsible enough to hand out drivers licenses.
Well, I guess you missed my point. Yes, I own real firearms. That was not so much the point...the point was that I've owned them for 17+ years.

Originally Posted by jcpenny
From what ive read and been hearing people are trying to get something going here in nova scotia. So see how it plays out, hope we get it done. and hey why not come out to one of our regular games in Dorchester, NB? there is quite a few of us that regularly make the drive. not saying you should, just something to think about.

remember this is all just "my" opinion.
If there is no way to establish a community presence in Halifax, (argueably the largest population center in the maritimes) then how are you going to attract people to drive hours away to participate in an event?

Particularly if they cannot get age verified to purchase the airsoft gun they'd need to be able to participate in said event?

I fully understand the need to vett potential participants, but when your system is now setup to effectively exclude the largest population center in the maritimes, I think there's something you need to get fixed.

And soon.

You've got 3 military personnel with almost 20 years service here....I'm pretty sure that we're responsible folks. Letting a guy who flys a helo for a living confirm that someone is over the age of majority is not a hard task.

If you're concerned about continuety in the participants, well, guess what...that's already for the most part gone.


Over to you guys.

This is a situation where "If it ain't broke don't fix it" absolutely doesn't apply. The system here in Halifax is broken. FIX IT.

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