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People who post the same thing in multiple threads.

Originally Posted by SubSonic View Post
Ass holes who think there military, just cuz they dress like it. Tac vests and stuff are one thing, but when u start to be all like "Aw yeah bitch, i wuz in da army! i shot terorists with a mp5, SIDEWAYS! aaaaaw yeah!" then u need to go fuck ur self.... unless u were rly in the ary, then ur cool, but a d-bag for braging.
Originally Posted by SubSonic View Post
Hey, i for one am tired of people coming to laser treck here in calgary dressed in full out US or Canadian army gear, bringing along bougus stories of how they "Pulled a drive by on a terorist group" or "shot at terorists with my MP5 sideways, one handed" and just generaly being asses. I got no problem with people whereing tactical gear and junk, and if u were rly in the military, cool, but im tired of the FAKES!

...I really need to get some airsoft related pet peeves...
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