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Well, people always recommend G&P, CA, KWA, TM for starter gun. So let me tell you something for beginner.

I always encourage people to ICS M4A1, Most of people concert that ICS can't stand out all brand that mention above because of their split mechbox and no parts are compatible, and split mechbox will be easy to break.

Yeah ! right, It's total wrong. Most of the parts on ICS are mostly v2 even it's not make for but you actually can fit it in there BUT only 3 mains parts itself that it's not V2 mechbox, The actual body itself, mechbox shells and Anti-Reversl latch. So the rest you can fit V2 mechbox parts in there, Again all parts that are not compatible are easy getting from any ICS distributor in Canada or State plus it's not that expensive though.

I bought this gun off classified for 500 $ brand news shipped and dump almost 600 to 700 $ on her already, get 10 mags with ranger plate, 2 more upper mechbox with all systema parts inside, redo some wire work, get another upper body to switch between assault type and sharp shooter and a few tacticool thing on her.

Wait a bit until are 18 then get an ICS from classified.

since shllespants show off his KWA so I show off mine as well.


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