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Originally Posted by Kit View Post
Thanks L473ncy. So when I get AV'ed ill go to that hobbie shop and ask for a Smart Charger? and it should be okay to charge my batteries? depending on the voltages and configurations? How many batteries will I need in a day of playing? like 3? 2? Sorry but whats a PEQ?
depending on the gun and upgrades, as well as the ROF you wish for, an 8.4v 2400-3300mah large battery will easily survive a full day of shooting. if the gun you get uses a mini type battery, you may want to consider getting a second one. my M4 came with a large 8.4v 3300mah but I can game it all day while leaning on the trigger a little with a 9.6v 1400mah mini.

again, this can really all depend on the gun you get. wait and see what you get because if you shop the classifieds, you might find a package with a pair of batteries and charger. (or just peruse the parts and accessories section when you know what you need to look for)
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