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I'm new to this place, have been AVed and am waiting for the site to reflect it. The process I went through to get AVed living in Nova Scotia was a mixture of patience and pure luck. Thanks to timely PMs and people's schedules lining up, much like the stars, I was able to meet a verifier and get it done. But the process out here is brutally flawed and needs some help.

Like NavyShooter, I'd be happy to help out but there seems to be an unwillingness to encourage and grow the sport/hobby. So is it any surprise when people quickly go elsewhere or perhaps acquire their airsoft through somewhat dubious means?

It all seems to come down to 'power'. And 'trust'. Who can you trust with such power?

In my case, I'm nearly 38 years old and been a member of the CF for over 20 years. I have a non-rest'd and a rest'd PAL and shoot frequently. My full-time job involves me flying a military aircraft on a near-daily basis, accomplishing a mission as assigned, deviating from the mission should circumstances require, and returning the aircraft and crew safely on completion of the mission. I'm also responsible for the training, advancement and development of my subordinates and am expected, as a supervisor and a leader, to be at the top of my game at all times. I have frequently made rapid life and death decisions which fortunately, have all seemed to work out pretty well (I'm here, so they must have been the right decisions! ) I can authorize flight missions and crews, sign a variety of legal forms and papers for my personnel and apply deadly force if authorized and directed.

But according to the rules, I'm not trusted with the power to compare a face to an ID card, read the date of birth then report on my findings.

Meh. Fair enough....those are someone's rule and such is how someone wants it to be.

Again, like NavyShooter has so nicely said, either you want the hobby to grow out here or you don't. I'm just the new guy but going through the process, I can say that you run the real risk of turning off motivated, enthusiastic and talented people because the AV process here is more complicated and disjointed than the Canadian Firearms Program!

Unless something changes, submarineman is going to be a busy guy. More likely however, the group sizes and interest out here will remain stagnant or dwindle, until the events have such poor turnout that nobody cares anymore. When that occurs, and people ask "how did we let that happen?", they can read this thread.

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